CES 2013: Mobio announces ergonomically designed iPad mount

by Bharat, DamnGeeky.com

It’s that time of the year when new consumer electronics and accessories will dawn the scene at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Mobile accessory maker Mobio will be swaying minds with the magnetically connected iPad mounts at the CES 2013. The sleekly designed iPad mounts – the Mobio Go, Mobio Grip and Mobio Pivot have what it takes to be the perfect iPad accessories.

Mobio Go

Priced at $35 the Mobio Go is a dashboard mount (can also be used on tabletop), which adheres to any part of the car’s dashboard and can be adjusted to any viewing angle. The Mobio Go features a sturdy ball jointed magnet and comes with an attachment for both iPhone and iPad, so that you can use any of them in the car.

Mobio Grip

Priced again at $35 the Mobio Grip is an ergonomically designed handle that you can wear between your fingers to have a better grip on the iPad. With Mobio Grip You can hold the iPad at an angle with one hand, thanks to its make with strong magnets. And when you want to use the iPad for FaceTime calls and to watch photos and movies etc, the Mobio Grip can act as a stand on any flat surface.

Mobio Pivot

Priced at $45 Mobio Pivot is a stylish iPad stand that lets you adjust the iPad at any angle to make handsfree calls or watch photos and movies etc. The Mobio Pivot attaches to the iPad or iPhone using heavy duty magnet and can be used on any flat surface like a table, desk or countertop.

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