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Elevate your device with a new stance.

At home or in the office, Mobio Pivot is turning heads. That's because it not only holds your phone or tablet securely, it also allows you to adjust it to any viewing angle. With Mobio Pivot, you can use Skype™ or FaceTime™ without hands and your device is always at the perfect angle. Mobio Pivot becomes a handsfree, motionless tripod when you take photos or shoot movies. Then, when you want to review what your shot, Mobio Pivot holds your device so all can see. Now, waking up to music, playing games, showing presentations, reading books, cooking with recipes, are all easier and more ergonomic. Unlike other stands with limited flexibility and clunky design, Mobio Pivot is a precision-made, sleek, and elegant piece of art that enhances your experience with mobile technology.

Chrome-plated solid steel

Compatible with all cell phones, tablets, and cases

Firmly grips with powerful magnet

Attaches with removable double-sided tape (included)

Includes magnets for both your tablet and your smartphone


Mobio Rave Reviews

"The Mobio Pivot is the best accessory for Skype and FaceTime and my kids love it for their games!"

- Best Techie

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