Frequently Asked Questions

Will the Mobio Magnet hurt my smartphone or tablet?

Absolutely not. Smartphones and tablets use solid state drives, so magnets have no effect on them. In fact, Apple uses magnets to attach their SmartCovers to iPad and iPad Mini tablets.

How does it work?

The Mobio magnet attaches to your tablet or phone with an industrial grade 3M adhesive that is incredibly strong and removable if necessary. This magnet on your device allows you to simply click onto Mobio Pivot, Mobio Go or Mobio Grip. Once connected, your device is infinitely adjustable and easy to disconnect.

Can I use Mobio Pivot with my phone?

Yes you can.

Can I use Mobio Go with my phone?

Yes you can.

Can I use Mobio Grip with my phone?

Yes! Although Mobio Grip is designed to work with the Large Magnet on tablets, it also works great with the Small Magnet for your phone.

Will Mobio work with my Android?

Yes! Mobio is not device-specific and works with any smartphone or tablet, and most cases.

What can I not use Mobio with?

Mobio does not work with soft cases, because the Magnets will not adhere to soft surfaces. Mobio Go should not be attached to any airbag surface, but any hard surface in your vehicle will do.

Will placing the Mobio magnet on my Samsung Galaxy Note affect the use of an S Pen stylus?

Yes. Because the Samsung Galaxy Note S Pen works by using an electromagnetic field, the Mobio magnet interferes with the stylus. We do not recommend use of the Grip or Pivot, for Samsung Galaxy Note S Pen users. If you do not use the S Pen, you should have no problems.

Why won't the Mobio magnet stick to my iPhone 4?

If you have an iPhone 4 without a case, you already know that the glass back of your device is slick! The best solution is to add a clear protective film to the back of your phone - it will protect your phone and give the magnet something to adhere to. We recommend the Aduro Ultra Clear Protective Film, only $9.95 for 3 front and 2 back films.

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